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Kiril Katsarov

Fr. 03. bis So. 12. Juni 2016

Fr. 03. Juni 2016 ab 20.00 Uhr

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Kiril Katsarov


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Photos & Paintings: Kiril Katsarov


Kiril Katsarov

Kiril Katsarov is a phenomenon in the contemporary artistic arena in Bulgaria. He defined himself as a true researcher of the modern times. He was born in Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria in1977. Kiril interests in art began at his early age. His nonstandard perception of the world can be traced back to his early paintings and graphics. His passion to art leads him to the world of advertising. Winning a degree of graphic design Kiril contribute to the success of many successful branding campaigns. He has also a master degree in the National Academy of Arts specializing "Fine arts" into the class of prof. Andrej Daniel.

During the years Kiril has realized more than 15 exhibitions and art projects in Sofia and lots of Bulgarian cities. His conceptual projects turn into symbol of the modern times and are a real metaphor of today contemporary world. Some of his most significant projects are "A place for your Ad", "Work International" and "Sport Unlimited".

He works in the field of hyper realism, post pop art, abstract art and concept art. Being a part of the new art generation, Kiril believes that art is not created to be over the walls because it is a mission. His favorite technics are oil, acrylic and collage as well as some graphic technics. In his first solo show in Karlsruhe at POLY-Gallery Kiril will show two art projects: "Work International" and "X-ray journey"

"Work International" is a collage art project dedicated to the working culture and it is based on a rare collection of old fashioned posters about the safety working rules from the 60-ties. This project is a conceptual crash between our contemporary world and the times of the "fake" working culture from Bulgarian communist past. That's how this art project focuses on the interaction between modern times and the stereotypes of socialism, using unusual visual style and international vocabulary.

"X-ray journey" is a brand new art project showing life of the travelers from the perspective of the X-ray's vision. It's presenting several art works made as different kind of luggage: suitcase, valises, and lady's bag but shown from the point of view of the scanner. These are mixed media art works and some of them are part of installations.

More information about the artist and his projects you can find on: http://katsart.net

Facebook: Kiril Katsarov