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Ahinee Mensah
„Tse Ataa Mensah 10 Years Remembrance“ — Fundraising art exhibition
Celebrating Karlsruhe 300 years

Di. 18. August -
So. 23. August

Di. 18. August 2015,
20.00 Uhr - open end

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Do. 20.08,
18.30 - 21:00 Uhr

Fr. 21.08.,
17.00 - 22:00 Uhr

So. 23. August 2015,
19.00 Uhr - (mindst.) 22.00 Uhr.

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Ahinee Mensah

„Tse Ataa Mensah 10 Years Remembrance“ —

Fundraising art exhibition Celebrating Karlsruhe 300 years

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Naa Ahinee is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and poet from Ghana. She studied Prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in London. As a child in Ghana Ahinee taught herself art by digging clay, drawing with charcoals on pavements, using her fingers & sticks in the sand. An aspiring philanthropist, in 2006 she helped set up The Tse Ataa Mensah Foundation which currently supports children’s’ educational welfare in Ghana.

Ahinee dedicated three large paintings and a poem in memory of Stephen Lawrence who was racially murdered on 22nd November 1993 by a Gang of white youths. Two of these paintings were also donated to the local schools they attended.

Ahinee's greatest inspiration is derived from her struggles in the natural and supernatural realms. The theme of her work often focuses on Racial unity, Africa, Religion, Family, Nature, Paranormal etc. In this exhibition Ahinee presents her most recent pen drawings from 2014 - Aug 2015. And a few selections of her 2002 batik works inspired by Africa.

“Africa is a vast lively continent and very rich in culture. It has a lot of positive aspects that is not often portrayed in the media. I hope through my creativity to give people here the means to access and understand a marginalized culture, and appreciate cultural diversity.”

Tse Ataa Mensah 10 years remembrance is a fundraising art exhibition to commemorate the death of the artist father this August 2015 and to raise money to support children in Ghana. Ahinee is working on a collection of 100 African men and 100 African women including blacks from the Diaspora for black history month. She is also working on a collection of 100 inspirational women around the world for women’s day. This is an ongoing project, it is a selection of these revolutionary heroes, family, victims of racism and inspiration people that she presents for Karlsruhe 300 years anniversary. Included are some of her poetries.

“I am in search of the light
A greater understanding beyond the world of material delusion. I strive to express myself
through visual art & poetry. Life experience is my greatest teacher, and what I have learned I share with you (The world)”

€3 raffle ticket is on sale and the winner wins one of the A4 art on exhibition. More info at


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