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Ahinee Mensah — Malerei

Fr. 9. Mai -
So. 11. Mai 2014

Do. 8. Mai 2014, 19.00 Uhr.

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Ahinee studied Art at the Prestigious London Art College, Central St. Martins College of Art and design. She dedicated three paintings in memory of Stephen Lawrence. Some of the people who admire her work includes Art critic Brian Sewell, Artist Chris Ofili and many more..... Her work has been exhibited in Galleries such as Woodlands Art Gallery Greenwich London, Leicester City Gallery, Rugby Art Gallery And Museum......

Ahinee was born in Accra Ghana both her parents comes from the Ga tribe. Her talent as an artist was soon noticed by members of her family. At the age of two and a half she developed unknown medical condition on her right leg. This left her with a thinner right leg. Naa came to England at the age of twelve for medical treatment and at the age of fifteen she finally had her operation which unfortunately made her right leg shorter. She is a very strong soul, an individual who has been challenged on many levels, physically and spiritually.

When viewing her work, one can see that she is divinely blessed with a unique gift but what makes her work stand out is the rich experience behind it. Despite struggling from a very young age, she has managed to keep her spirits up.

You could say that her misfortunes have become her Fortune. Through her struggles Naa has become a stronger woman and the same struggles and misfortunes has inspired her creativity. She has been able to enrich, teach, and empower people through her work and this is the true purpose of Ahinee's work.

There are many gifted artists out there but hers is truly a unique talent. Many people upon viewing her work will agree that she has an extraordinary ability with colour, composition and a great visual narrator. See Expressions Of My Lived Experience.

Ahinee says:

“I believe in destiny, I believe in a purpose, nothing is by accident. I knew when I was a child what I would like to do with my life and I am grateful that I have been given a gift to allow me to achieve my dreams. Of course I am only human, I have bad days like everyone else but I am a very positive lively person. I was smart enough to realise at a young age that everything negative can be made into a positive or at least, something positive can come out of a negative experience. This is one of the rules I live by daily, there are people with greater problems. Life is always a constant battle; it is a journey challenge for us to rise to.”

"Africa is an inspiration and a new direction for my artistic creativity. Africa is a vast lively continent and very rich in culture. It has a lot of positive aspects that is not often portrayed in the media.. I hope to give people here the means to access and understand a marginalized culture, to understand and appreciate cultural diversity"

I am a mixed media fine artist/poet and have been making art since my childhood. I started in my home land of Ghana by digging clay, drawing with charcoals on pavements, using my fingers & sticks in the sand. Since then I have worked in wood, acrylics/oils on canvas, metal, photography, etching, watercolour, poster paint, weaving, making African beads, videos, screen-printing & etching. I have also done fabric printing such as silk painting, batik and tie/dye.

I would describe my work as Fantasy/imaginative as well as realistic/life based. It is often symbolic, Religious/spiritual, narrative, based on identity and culture. In general it is very personal and elements from my dreams are sometimes used.

Extra information

I attended both schools as Stephen Lawrence and after making a painting and writing a poem about racial unity I was introduced to his mother through our head master. I subsequently produced two more paintings with Stephen Lawrence who was racially murder on 22/4/1993. Two of these paintings are donated to the local schools we both attended; it is dedicated to racial unity and in memory of his racial murder.

Stephen lawrence was not only a fellow school mate but he was also killed near my neighbourhood at the time.

In October 2004 I entered the ‘Five Big Art Challenge’, which was aired on channel five. Its a national UK competition for anyone over the age of eighteen and in August 2004 I was selected for the ‘Five Big Art Challenge’, whilst on this program the art critic Brian Sewell loved my work and commented on how fabulous it is.

My work has been shown in the Leicester City Gallery, Rugby Museum and Art Gallery and The Mycenae Gallery in Greenwich London etc..

I am passionate about my work and this is demonstrated through my work. My personality is reflected in my creative work, colourful, vibrant, energetic, strong, unique, honest, expressive, spiritual, accessible, deep and most importantly it comes soul.

Three well known people from my previous schools are; Rio Gavin Ferdinand (footballer Manchester United ), Paul Elliott (footballer), Dominic Cooper (Film Mama Mia and The Duchess).

I am in search of the light

A greater understanding beyond the world of material delusion

I strive to express myself through visual art & poetry

Life experience is my greatest teacher and

What I have learned I share with you (The world)

I adore nature and the love of the beautiful colours that life has to offer can be seen in my paintings. I was brought up as a Christian and this has a great influenced on my life.

My personal belief is that everyone has a purpose in this world otherwise we would not be here. Therefore we must each search within ourselves for this purpose in order to fulfil whatever destiny we have. I express through my art and poetry my understanding of life from my lived experience. My greatest inspiration comes from my own life experience of the physical as well as the spiritual.

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